Starfield & Smith Express

Balancing Compliance with Efficiency

Starfield & Smith Express provides a focused, timely compliance review for experienced SBA lenders at a predetermined price point that is significantly lower than our full-service SBA closing and compliance service. Our experienced SBA audit team will perform a review of your designated loan files after closing to identify material deficiencies that would adversely impact the integrity of the SBA guaranty.

Mitigating Risks of Repair or Denial of the SBA Guaranty

Starfield & Smith Express is specifically designed to mitigate lenders’ risk and to reduce the number and magnitude of repairs and denials in lenders’ SBA portfolios at a price point that provides a substantial return on investment, and in a timeframe that does not slow the closing process. The Express review process provides:

  • A quality assurance check on a lender’s SBA loan closing process and procedures;
  • An opportunity to quickly identify and address any weaknesses in a lender’s loan closing process,
  • An exception memo, backed by the unparalleled experience and reputation of Starfield & Smith, which notes any deficiencies found during the review.

Because Starfield & Smith Express reviews are performed immediately after closing, they maximize the lender’s opportunity to correct any errors that could result in a repair or denial of the SBA loan guaranty at a time when the borrower is more likely to cooperate.

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