SBA Creditor Rights Protection

Top SBA Creditor’s Rights Lawyers

It’s an unfortunate reality that some SBA loans will end up in workout or foreclosure. If a lender fails to follow all SBA regulations and processes, the SBA may lower or deny the SBA guaranty. Additionally, since decisions regarding the SBA guaranty purchases occur at the end of the foreclosure process, a lender may lose its SBA guaranty after it is too late to rectify the problem.

Protecting the Rights of SBA Creditors

The lawyers at Starfield & Smith have worked with SBA lenders for over 25 years and our attorneys have effectively negotiated and litigated workout and foreclosure matters in state and federal court. We thoroughly understand the ever-changing SBA regulations and use this knowledge to assist lenders in their efforts to collect assets, and restructure or otherwise resolve loans with difficult borrowers.

We strategically pursue maximum recovery of collateral always with an eye towards the SBA guaranty. We vigorously fight for your SBA guaranty, and ensure that you remain within the SBA’s regulations so that the SBA upholds its promised guaranty.

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Starfield & Smith attorneys are licensed to litigate in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you are outside of these states, we partner with local counsel so that you receive the legal representation that you deserve. We can also provide in-depth SBA compliance guidance for clients nationwide.