SBA Regulatory Compliance And Lender Oversight

Ensuring SBA Regulatory Compliance And Assisting With Lender Oversight Issues

We help lenders develop processes to ensure SBA compliance and we work with the SBA to implement solutions that are designed to restore and maintain a lender’s good standing with the SBA and other state and federal regulators. Solid regulatory compliance can mean the difference between a lender’s success and failure.

Experienced SBA Compliance Consultants

All of the attorneys at Starfield & Smith, P.C., thoroughly understand the complexities of the SBA loan process from initial due diligence through loan documentation and closing and subsequent compliance audits.

  • We work closely with you, examining each of your processes and benchmarking them against the SBA’s best practices. We advise you of any areas of concern and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Our attorneys routinely communicate directly with the SBA. This experience provides our firm with the advantage of knowing and understanding new compliance measures as they evolve so that we can navigate your team through the ever changing regulatory maze.
  • Relying on our experienced team saves you time and resources as we advise you on eligibility and compliance every step of the way to prevent costly mistakes.

Protect Your SBA Lender Status

Failure to meet SBA requirements or to correct identified problems, could cost you your status as an SBA lender. Our attorneys can work with you to implement efficient and compliance processes to ensure that you meet best practices.

If you would like for Starfield & Smith, P.C., to partner with you, call our offices at 215-542-7070. You may also contact us online. We assist lenders with SBA lender oversight nationwide.