“Thanks again for helping with our closing. We were working with a brand new Business Development Officer, and this was my very first Franchise deal, so I was certainly feeling the heat. S&S Provided the support we needed to seal the deal. I have complete confidence in your firm and look forward to engage S&S in the future.” – Bill W.


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Jeff discusses the value Starfield and Smith’s Create Land Transfer services provides regarding SBA loans dealing with Real Estate or Title Insurance issues

-Jeff Pugh, SBA Program Manager, Univest Bank

“This transaction was transferred from another group that was unable to close it. The project took many twists and turns and was a challenge. We were very happy that Starfield & Smith was able to help us help the borrower and get this loan to the closing table.”

“This was a challenging transaction and Starfield & Smith helped us to navigate some uncharted territories.”

-Wendy McNatt

“The attorneys and support staff at Starfield & Smith work in tandem to provide outstanding service during the due diligence gathering stage, at the closing table, and post-closing process.”

“I can always count on the attorneys at Starfield & Smith to answer my questions or concerns in a timely manner. Many times they respond within hours and even after normal business hours. While that is not necessarily expected, it is nice and demonstrates their dedication to our business relationship.”

-Dana Neas

“Whether it is by email or phone, you are very accessible and quick to return an email or voicemail.  You added tremendous value in helping us guide the buyer and seller to modify the existing Asset Purchase Agreement.  The initial version was not SBA eligible.  You explained the eligibility issues to me and then advised the buyer and seller appropriately.”

-Michael A. Donato

“This was a very difficult loan to get closed and meet year end deadline – there was an unresponsive seller and an unresponsive title company. It would not have happened without the efforts of all on the Starfield side – thank you!”

-Kim Hellweg

“Haste and expedience are a priority in assisting our customers. Thank you for practicing the same professional habits.”

-Trygve Beckel

“I am fairly new to SBA and the lawyer I worked with at Starfield & Smith was very patient with me throughout the loan-closing process.”

-Nickie Dennis

“You are always quick to respond to our questions or concerns.  Thanks for your help!  We look forward to working with you more.”

-JoAnne Robinson

“I’m very pleased when Victor and team are assigned to a deal for Paradise Bank.”

-Cindi Keilty

“I wish other law firms had as much SBA experience as S&S because sometimes it is hard to deal with firms who misquote SBA rules”

-Lisa Viscusi

“Starfield & Smith has a deep knowledge of SBA rules and regulations and has provided valuable guidance to our SBA program. Their “Best Practices” newsletter and education activities at NAGGL are an indication of their commitment to excellence in the SBA lending industry.”

-M. Colleen Ryan

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Knowing I can call and legal counsel will help me shape conversations with the borrower is invaluable to my business

-Sherwood Robbins, Managing Director, Seedcopa

“Thanks again for helping with our closing.  We were working with a brand new Business Development Officer, and this was my very first Franchise deal, so I was certainly feeling the heat.  S&S provided the support we needed to seal the deal.  I have complete confidence in your firm, and look forward to engaging S&S in the future.”

-Bill Wuerch

“All my questions were answered in a timely manner.”

-Clay Hall

“I received an answer back very quickly with all questions.”

-Harriet Mack

“There is a reason I’ve been dealing with your firm for over 20 years. Service and Expertise are unmatched in the industry.”

-Greg Poehlmann

“Nothing but great service!”

-Ernie Martinez