As you know, the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) maintains a long list of requirements for lenders that provide SBA loans. As a small business lender, you’re legally obligated to comply with these requirements. If you don’t, you could lose the guaranty on your loans, or even lose your ability to provide loans backed by the SBA. The attorneys at Starfield & Smith can advise you on a variety of matters related to small business lending. Your SBA attorney will help you:

  • Stay abreast of all small business lending policy updates, new regulations, and SBA law and regulation changes
  • Maintain compliance with current SBA lending policies
  • Navigate the confusing landscape of SBA law and government regulations
  • Handle any issues regarding SBA guaranty repayment, repair, or denial
  • Provide better service for your clients

Our services:

  • Are backed by years of SBA experience and a knowledgeable team of SBA attorneys
  • Are an industry benchmark for SBA compliance
  • Include assistance in establishing or acquiring SBA lending authority as a Non-Federally Regulated Lender (NFRL) or a Small Business Lending Company (SBLC)
  • Cover the loan process from beginning to end:
    • Proper SBA loan structure
    • SBA loan guarantee purchases
    • SBA loan portfolio audits
    • SBA loan workouts and SBA loan foreclosures
  • Are nationwide

Our co-founders David Starfield and Ethan Smith have spent decades providing SBA law and regulatory advice to our nation’s SBA lenders. They have built a strong team of attorneys and paralegals to advise on SBA matters. All of the attorneys at our firm are SBA specialists who handles SBA matters on a daily basis. If you need an SBA lawyer, we can help. Contact an attorney from Starfield & Smith to advise you on SBA matters by dialing (215) 542-7070 or by sending an email to or visit our contact page and fill out the online form to discuss your questions with an SBA attorney.

As you are aware, the government regulatory agencies that you may have to deal with as an SBA lender include the Office of Credit Risk Management, the SBA’s Office of Inspector General, federal banking regulators, and the Department of Justice. These regulators are known for being tough in their enforcement of standards in the small business lending industry. Without the advice of an experienced SBA lawyer, you could run afoul of the regulators, which may result in your loss of ability to provide SBA loans. Starfield & Smith can provide an attorney to advise you on any SBA matters or provide a range of other SBA legal services. In the past, small business lenders have come to us for SBA legal services including advice about SBA regulatory issues, SBA lender training, and SBA creditor rights protection. We can also provide an experienced attorney who can assist you with SBA loan authorization procedures and SBA non-bank licensing issues. Here’s a list of the legal services we can provide to lenders nationwide:

  • SBA Compliance Audits and Reviews
  • SBA Creditors’ Rights
  • SBA Guaranty Purchase Reviews and Recovery
  • SBA Lender Training for Clients
  • SBA Loan Documentation and Closing Services
  • SBA Non-Bank Licensing (SBLC and NFRL) Services
  • SBA Regulatory Compliance and Lender Oversight
  • Starfield & Smith Express – A focused, timely SBA compliance review at an affordable price point
  • Business Litigation Services
  • Title Services

As an SBA lender, getting accurate legal advice from an experienced attorney could mean the difference between continuing to provide small business loans, and losing your partnership with the Small Business Administration. Get in touch with us today to speak with an SBA attorney who can advise you on a range of regulatory matters and ensure your compliance with current SBA laws and regulations. Your SBA attorney can help you prepare for an SBA PARRiS or SMART audit or assist you in updating SBA policies and procedures after an audit.

Additionally, the lawyers at Starfield & Smith are some of the most experienced attorneys in the nation for providing SBA legal services to SBLCs and NFRLs, including negotiating warehouse lines of credit to support SBA lending operations and providing legal counsel on structured finance transactions, such as securitizations of SBA loan portfolios. An SBA lawyer from Starfield & Smith can be your strongest ally as you navigate the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape of small business lending. Combined, our attorneys have decades of experience working with SBA lenders, so you can be certain you’re getting the best legal advice.

Don’t leave your compliance issues up to chance; hire an experienced SBA attorney so you can be certain you’re up to date on current SBA laws, rules and regulations. Call Starfield and Smith to speak to an attorney for SBA assistance or to inquire about any of our other SBA legal services at (215) 542-7070. You can also send an email to or visit our contact page and fill out the online form to discuss your questions with an SBA attorney. We work with SBA lenders nationwide.