Legal Advisers for SBA Guarantees

Attorney’s that Specialize in SBA Guaranty Purchase Packages

Our attorneys at Starfield & Smith have extensive experience assisting lenders with preparing and submitting SBA guaranty purchase packages. We understand what information the SBA needs to approve your guaranty, and can quickly identify areas of concern so that lenders can address them prior to submission. Our lawyers partner with you as consultants to bring loan files up to SBA standards and increase your chances of approval and payment of your SBA guaranty.

Comprehensive Counsel Through Your Review

We carefully assist with each step of the SBA guaranty purchase process to rectify errors and ensure compliance. Our attorneys will assist you through:

  • Preparing SBA Guaranty purchase package submissions to the SBA
  • Resolving identified issues in the loan file prior to submission of the SBA guaranty purchase package
  • Working with the SBA to solve problems with your guaranty purchase
  • Submitting the CPC tabs and the Wrap Up report to SBA

Many times, lenders identify problems with their loans during the purchase review process. In some cases, overlooking certain guaranty purchase compliance requirements can result in civil or criminal charges, or regulatory enforcement actions. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to identify a solution, and lenders may be unable to resolve the problem on their own. Our attorneys are well-versed in SBA loans and compliance and assist with creative strategies to resolve issues, where possible.

Discuss Your Guaranty Purchase Review With Our Experienced Attorneys

Legal Help with the SBA Guaranty Purchase Process

SBA guaranty purchase reviews and assembly of the guaranty purchase package can be challenging, and it is easy to make costly mistakes. If you face a guaranty purchase review, schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys.

We have helped a number of clients successfully navigate complicated guaranty purchase issues. Our firm can strategically mitigate your risk, and help bring your loans up to SBA compliance guidelines. Call 215-542-7070 to contact our offices, or email our firm online. We advise lenders nationwide.