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SBA Compliance Audits for Credit Unions & Banks

SBA Regulatory Issues Legal Services

Starfield & Smith assists SBA lenders with preparing for and responding to SBA audits and oversight and enforcement actions by a variety of federal regulators, including the SBA’s Office of Credit Risk Management, SBA’s Office of Inspector General and the Department of Justice. Our experienced lawyers provide lenders peace of mind by conducting loan-level SBA compliance audits and assisting lenders with a strategic plan to mitigate identified risks and develop compliant closing process and procedures.

Extensive SBA Portfolio Compliance Audits

Our SBA portfolio compliance audit ensure that you are ready for your next SBA or regulatory audit or Parris review and maintain your ability to successfully participate in SBA’s lending programs. Starfield & Smith has assisted lenders with:

  • Compliance audits prior to sale of SBA loan portfolios;
  • Compliance audits prior to Parris reviews;
  • Risk based audits in response to regulatory agencies reports or findings;
  • Limited scope audits to help evaluate deficiencies and possible compliance weaknesses in the SBA loan portfolio;
  • Responses to Parris reviews and amendments to bank policies to address recommendations made by regulators.

We act as an external control on your SBA loan portfolio so that lenders do not have to worry about their standing in the SBA loan program.

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