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SBA Lender Training for Clients


In order to protect the government guaranty on their loans, SBA lenders must stay up to date on the continuous changes to all of the SBA’s regulations and requirements, including the Code of Federal Regulations, the SBA’s Standard Operating Procedures, the SBA Loan Authorization Boilerplate, the Agency’s Policy and Procedural notices, and applicable state and federal laws. It is therefore imperative that lenders train their staff thoroughly regarding these changes so that their loans are closed in full compliance with the current laws, regulations and prudent lending practices. Providing such training can be expensive and time consuming, however, and finding trainers who have the right answers and the best information is not always easy. Regulatory changes in the SBA arena are occurring faster than ever and the government’s standards are becoming more and more stringent.


Starfield & Smith’s attorneys assist the SBA with regulatory changes, sit on trade association boards and Technical Issues Committees, and have been named Instructors of the Year by the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lending (NAGGL). As a result, they are uniquely qualified to provide the staff training necessary to help lenders protect their SBA loan guarantees and maintain a thriving SBA loan program. We provide custom in-house and web-based training that is both cost effective and highly productive.

NAGGL Courses presented by Starfield & Smith attorneys:

• SOP 50-10

• Closing and Funding the SBA Loan

• Advanced SBA Loan Documentation and Closing

• Creating Efficiency in SBA Lending

• Getting the SBA to Honor its Guaranty

Training Sessions and Webinars led by Starfield & Smith attorneys:

• Changes in the SBA 7(a) Loan Authorization

• Streamlined Closings

• Franchise Eligibility Issues

• Business Acquisition Issues on 7(a) and 504 Loans

• Appraisal and Environmental Regulations

• OIG Reports – Case Studies on Protecting the SBA Guarantee

• 504 vs. 7(a) Lending

• In Depth Title Insurance Principles

• Protect…Then Defend Your Guarantee From “Gotchas”

• The Guarantee Purchase Process and Preserving the Guarantee

• 504 Training for Interim and Permanent Lenders

• Proving a Borrower’s Injection

The SBA’s guaranty is your most important piece of collateral. Protect it by training your staff to utilize and adopt the latest industry developments and best practices. Contact us to learn how we can help.