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SBA Compliance Audits


Preserving and protecting the SBA’s guaranty is the primary goal of SBA lenders. In today’s environment of enhanced lender oversight, closing a large volume of SBA loans is not enough — SBA lenders also need to be assured and confident that their SBA guarantees are solid and intact. Unfortunately, the rapid pace of regulatory growth and change makes it increasingly difficult for SBA lenders to ensure that their loans are being closed in a manner that is compliant with all current SBA requirements, rules and regulations. Worse yet, many SBA lenders have experienced staffing cuts and have fewer management resources available to supervise their loan closings. This makes it increasingly likely that compliance issues will be missed that will cause the lender to suffer a repair or denial of the SBA’s guaranty.


The attorneys at Starfield & Smith have unsurpassed experience in handling guaranty purchase matters, and they document and close SBA loans for lenders nationwide. This robust experience makes Starfield & Smith uniquely qualified to assess and anticipate any issues that could impact the integrity of your SBA loan guaranty. Our team has performed numerous audits of SBA loan portfolios for a variety of lenders nationwide, assessing the strength of the SBA loan guarantees so that the lenders can take proactive steps to mitigate any deficiencies noted. Additionally, our team provides pre-closing compliance audits as an economical solution for lenders who wish to leverage the experience of Starfield & Smith to address any potential file deficiencies before their loans are closed. Starfield & Smith also provides guaranty integrity audit services to lenders involved in the purchase or sale of SBA loans and loan portfolios. A proactive approach to ensuring that the SBA guaranty is preserved and protected enhances the bottom line by minimizing the risk of future losses due to file deficiencies that were not identified and mitigated in a timely manner. The SBA’s guaranty is your most important piece of collateral. Protect it by ensuring that the integrity of the guaranty is rock-solid. Contact us to learn how we can help.