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SBA Regulatory Compliance and Lender Oversight


Today’s lenders are required to comply with a complex web of ever-changing laws, rules and regulations. In addition, the financial crisis has caused state and federal regulators to become increasingly stringent. The resulting burden on lenders can be both overwhelming and confusing. Lenders are forced to commit increasing amounts of time and resources to achieving regulatory compliance, which can seem like trying to hit a target that is always moving. Although lenders know that legal and regulatory compliance is increasingly important to prudent bank management, few lenders have the experienced staff and depth of resources they need to feel confident that they are meeting their compliance obligations.


The attorneys at Starfield & Smith understand the burdens that lenders face, and they assist lenders every day with developing creative strategies to navigate through the challenges presented by the regulatory maze. We have experience helping our lender clients with issues involving:

• SBA Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) Compliance (50-10, 50-53 and 50-57)

• SBA Office of Inspector General investigations

• CDC corporate governance and ALP approvals

• SBA loan participations and portfolio acquisitions

• The Federal Deposit Insurance Act

• The Community Reinvestment Act

• The Equal Credit Opportunity Act

• The Patriot Act/Customer Identification Program

• Federal banking regulations, including the Bank Holding Company Act and related regulations

Additionally, Starfield & Smith assists SBA lenders with preparing for and responding to SBA audits, oversight and enforcement actions. We help lenders develop processes to ensure SBA compliance, and we work with the SBA to implement solutions that are designed to restore and maintain a lender’s good standing with the SBA and other regulators.

Regulatory compliance can mean the difference between a lender’s success and failure. Starfield & Smith assists lenders with compliance issues nationwide on either a project or retainer basis. Don’t leave your regulatory compliance to chance. Contact us today to learn how we can help.