March 5, 2012

Firm News for March 2012: Expansion of Commercial Lending Services to Include Commercial Litigation and Creditors’ Rights Group

How can our Commercial Litigation and Creditors’ Rights Group help you?
Starfield & Smith, P.C. is recognized by many as the most knowledgeable and experienced law firm in the United States regarding government guaranteed lending. Until now, this expertise has been used largely to represent its clients in lending and guaranty purchase matters. However, Starfield & Smith’s clients often require greater protection.

Countless issues arise, especially when an SBA loan defaults. Because Starfield & Smith knows the SBA regulations for loan origination, documentation, servicing, and liquidation, Starfield & Smith understands how to address post-closing issues while protecting the SBA loan guaranty. Until now, however, Starfield & Smith’s ability to apply its expertise has been limited because it did not have the necessary litigation support. In order to better protect its clients’ needs, Starfield & Smith has assembled an outstanding group of litigators with experience in just those areas where post-closing issues are likely to jeopardize a lenders interest. Starfield & Smith’s government guaranteed lending experience, coupled with Starfield & Smith’s litigation expertise, provides its clients with a substantial resource to address potential and actual litigation issues that arise in the government guaranteed loan arena.

Starfield & Smith’s litigation team has experience addressing litigation and creditors’ rights issues in various venues. Where necessary, they coordinate with local counsel in the jurisdictions where a lender’s collateral and guarantors are located. They are familiar with civil, bankruptcy, administrative and criminal investigative proceedings. They are experienced trial lawyers who have experience dealing with government regulations and government regulators. They are also counselors who understand that a business solution is often the best answer to a business problem. They understand secured lending and creditors’ rights. As a group, they have the ability, experience and expertise to provide Starfield & Smith’s clients with the guidance needed to address and resolve post-closing issues.

Please contact us if you would like further information about Starfield & Smith’s Commercial Litigation Practice or Creditors’ Rights Practice.