May 6, 2014 |

Understanding How to Get SBA to Honor its Guaranty

Presented By:NAGGL

Date:May 6, 2014

Time:8:30 am

Location:Bonita Springs, FL

May 6, 2014
Instructor: David W. Starfield
Fee: Mbr $450, NMbr $700, Govt $300

The presumption that SBA will honor its guaranty is a thing of the past; lenders now must prove why the agency should honor its guaranty. Laser-like focus on protecting the guaranty should start during the earliest stages of loan origination and continue through the completion of the purchase request package. This one day course reviews key program provisions, defines ‘materiality’, walks through documentation requirements, shares common loan deficiencies that result in repairs and denials, and gives an overview of the mandatory Care & Preservation of Collateral (CPC) and Charge-Off Tabs.

  • SBA’s Guaranty Purchase Philosophy
  • When and How to Properly Request Purchase
  • Understanding the SBA 10 Tab Purchase System
  • Common Denial of Liability Reasons
  • SBA’s Purchase Review Process
  • How to Handle Proposed Repairs and Denials of Liability
  • Care and Preservation of Collateral (CPC) Tabs
  • Lenders’ Post-Purchase Responsibilities

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