May 14, 2013 |

Bankruptcy and the SBA Loan – Five Issues You Must Know

Presented By:Coleman Report

Date:May 14, 2013

Time:11:59 pm


Instructors:  Greg T. Kupniewski & Ethan W. Smith

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A borrower’s bankruptcy is a common occurrence for workout specialists. However, if the loan is an SBA 7(a) or 504 loan, an added layer of complexity exists for the lender.

The lender must not only comply with all bankruptcy laws and regulations, but must also follow SBA’s rules and standard operating procedures to ensure payment of the federal government guaranty.

Starfield and Smith’s, Greg Kupniewski will discuss in detail the five common bankruptcy issues SBA lenders must know when liquidating the loan.

1) Automatic Stay Issues

Automatic stay 101 definitions
The importance of the borrower site visit
How to document the site visit
What type of notification does SBA require?
What are the type of actions that are enjoined?
How does the automatic stay affect the borrower?
How does the automatic stay affect the guarantors?
How does the automatic stay affect affiliates?

2) Companion Loans

What must you do when your SBA borrower has a non-SBA loan with your institution?
How do you apportion costs between the loans?
How to apply distributions?
What type of approvals must you obtain from SBA?
What type of reports must you prepare for SBA?

3) Filing Proofs of Claims

Filing proofs of claims 101
How must SBA be notified?
What are the jurisdictional concerns?

4) Credit Bidding

Credit Bidding 101
When do I need SBA’s approval for a bid?
How to I obtain SBA’s approval for a bid?
What do you do if you don’t like SBA’s answer?
What are the reporting requirements to SBA?

5) Plan Voting

Plan Voting 101
How SBA must be notified.
When is SBA’s prior approval required?

Who Should Attend?

Chief Credit Officers
SBA Department Managers
SBA Loan Workout Specialists
SBA Loan Collection Personnel
SBA Loan Servicing Personnel
Commercial Loan Workout Specialists
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